What is the Muslim Holi Day of Ashura ?

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What is the Muslim Holi Day of Ashura ?

What is the Muslim Holi Day of Ashura ?
What is the Muslim Holi Day of Ashura ?

.Ashura is the most solemn and significant day on the calendar for Shia Muslims, who make up around 15% of all Muslims worldwide. It is a day set aside for grieving and commemorating the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson. Martyrdom of Hussain, 680 E.C.

For Sunni Muslims, who make up the majority of Muslims worldwide as well as in the United States, Ashura is a New Year’s celebration that also honors miracles from the Quran (and the Hebrew Bible), such Noah’s ark landing on dry land and Moses’s parting of the Red Sea.

Howard University’s first (and only) Muslim chaplain, Imam Johari Abdul-Malik, describes the group as “a strange organization.” “A Muslim neighborhood wishes you a happy new year! While others exclaim, “We are extremely devastated by the death of our beloved Hussain! All Muslims pay close attention to Ashura, yet its spirit is completely distinct.

What is the Muslim Holi Day of Ashura ?

What is the Muslim Holi Day of Ashura ?
What is the Muslim Holi Day of Ashura ?

.The different meanings of Ashura mainly reflect the different beliefs and practices of Shia (Shi’at Ali) and Sunni Islam, the two major branches of Islam that formed soon after the death of Prophet Muhammad in 632 AD.

.A division occurred among Muhammad’s followers, collectively known as the “ummah” or people of Islam—some of whom believed that a descendant of Muhammad should be considered the rightful successor to his office, and others that were that the community should choose its next leader.

.The first faction called itself “Shi’at Ali” or “Party of Ali” because they supported Muhammad’s son-in-law Ali, who sought to be ranked as the first Imam or leader. The opposing group chose a different leader, whom they called the “Qazi” or “successor”. Ali’s supporters eventually became Shia (or Shi’ite Ali) and the other group became Sunni.

As it turned out, Ali eventually got the chance to serve first as Imam and then as Qazi, but five years after his Qazi position he was assassinated, prompting another succession struggle. Ali’s eldest son Hasan felt that he should succeed his father, but Hasan was poisoned to death in 670 by a massacre by a Sunni Qazi.

.Shia tradition holds that Husayn, Ali’s youngest son, even succeeded as Muhammad’s sole birthright successor. Husayn was urged by the corrupt and power-hungry Sunni caliph Yazid to punish him, but despite knowing that doing so would cost him his life, Husayn chose to stand up to Yazid. may drop

Hussain stated in a sermon that “life in slumber is better than death with pride.”

At the Battle of Karbala in 680, Yazid’s generous army, which reputedly numbered 30,000 soldiers, surrounded Husayn and 72 of his closest allies and family members. Although Husayn and his little army bravely battled, it was a massacre. Husayn was the last to pass away on the 10th day of Muharram, commonly known as Ashura, following the deaths of all of his allies and male family members (including his infant son, who was 6 months old).

What is the Muslim Holi Day of Ashura ?
What is the Muslim Holi Day of Ashura ?

.shia muslims’ ashura procedures

Shia Muslims have observed Ashura as a day of mourning and devotion to their fallen hero for ages. Husayn’s brave sacrifice has become a major tale of Shia history.

Imam Dawood Walid resides in Detroit and is the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ (SAIR-MI) Michigan Chair. Walid claims that Dearborn, Michigan, the “Shia Muslim capital” of America, has a sizable Shia community despite the fact that only approximately 16 percent of American Muslims are Shia.

Shia believers in Dearborn commemorate Hussein’s actions from 14 centuries ago by observing Ashura, a day of public grief and a call for modern justice.

.Dearborn hosts community gatherings and programs centered on moral lessons over the first 10 days of Muharram. Then, on the day of Ashura, there is a sizable street procession with protesters wearing black who are singing hymns, waving banners, and rhythmically hitting their chests in sorrow.

Men often subject themselves to painful self-flagellation or cut the skin of their foreheads so that blood flows down their faces during Ashura mourning rituals in predominantly Shiite countries like Iran and southern Iraq. Some Shia clerics have objected to this practice. at addition, countless Shiites visit Husayn’s grave at Karbala, Iraq each year to honor him and commemorate the Battle of Karbala.

.The celebration of Ashura, a ritual of the Sunni Muslim community, is performed by Imam Dawood. For Sunnis, Ashura is the day that God parted the Red Sea to save Moses and the Israelites from the tyrannical Egyptian Pharaoh. It has nothing to do with Hussain.

For Sunnis, the festival of Ashura is observed by fasting for at least three days, but ideally the entire month of Muharram. In this type of fasting, like in the month of Ramadan, eating and drinking is avoided from Sahar to Maghrib.

Fasting on the day of Ashura is highly recommended and virtuous for Sunnis, according to Imam Dawood. There is a consensus among the Sunnis about this.

Hadith, a collection of many speeches and teachings of the Prophet, Sunni Muslims bring according to their fasting. In this article it is mentioned that the Jewish people in Madinah used to fast on the tenth day of Muharram so that when Prophet Muhammad arrived there, he had vowed to leave for the memory of Ibrahim, when he came there. In the coming year, Muhammad promised to fast for one, two, or three days.

According to Imam Abdul-Malik, the Sunni Ashura holiday includes a new year’s element. Being that it occurs in the first month of the Islamic calendar, it is a natural time for introspection and resolutions. Sunni Muslims who observe the fast on Ashura today also think that it can atone for sins done the year before.

Muslims can declare, “This is a new year, I will do better and be better,” during Ashura, according to Imam Abdul-Malik. Additionally, giving gifts, accepting special sweets, and emphasizing charity on Ashura are customs for Sunni Muslims who reside in America and the Arab world.

What is the Muslim Holi Day of Ashura ?
What is the Muslim Holi Day of Ashura ?

.Can Ashura serve as a platform for peace-loving?

Shia and Sunni Muslims co-existed peacefully for many years, until warring ruling dynasties entered to rule in the name of either Shia or Sunni. Furthermore, the bulk of the violence taking place in the Middle East is being perpetrated by sectarian-based clerical Islamic states or brutal Shia regimes such as those in Syria and Tunisia.

Brother killing brother, sister killing sister, and such acts of religious violence must stop, according to Imam Abdul-Malik. “Through Ashura all Muslims should be reminded of the value of life. We should not get involved in the dispute between this family and the successors of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).

And when we look at how both Shias and Sunnis worship Ashura, Imam Dawood claims that there is a strong scriptural thread in both versions.

I am a Sunni Muslim, and as Imam Dawood says, we honor and remember the sacrifice of Hussain, the grandson of Professor Muhammad. “In my opinion, Husain was up against the tyrannical powers of his day, so in that way, his sacrifice is a reflection of Moses’ wars. In fact, I understand that Husain was the victor on the day of Karbala, rather than the loser.” .

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